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Jamie-isms, Philosophies and "Isms" of a Psychic Medium

44 Visions of Enlightenment

by Jamie Clark

Artwork by Maggie Clark and Bryce Clark


With decades of experience and a lifetime working with his natural gifts, Jamie Clark offers powerful and accurate validations of the spiritual dimensions around us. As a Spiritual Teacher, Jamie shares how to integrate the natural psychic senses using the empowerment of spiritual knowledge to help create a more fulfilling life of love, happiness, and success.


The Jamie-ism cards were inspired by the cultivation of his spirituality, reality, Psychic abilities, Mediumship, compassion, and connections with his guides and Universes.


Let Jamie guide you out of your mind and into your Soul so that you find yourself within life... and the life within you.



Jamie-isms, Philosophies and "Isms" of a Psychic Medium

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