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Meet Jamie

Psychic Medium

As seen on America's Psychic Challenge, 2007

Born in Sandusky, Ohio, Jamie had signs early in life that he would some day be helping people with his remarkable talents. As a child, he was concerned about being different from others with what was going on in his mind.

With the guidance of his mother, Elaine, also a gifted medium, they began to research and explore the depth of Jamie’s emerging talents. Through years of studying and a series of profound revelations, Jamie discovered that he had the gift of psychic intuition and could also communicate messages and feelings between people living and those who have left this physical plane of existence. In other words, he can communicate with those we have loved and lost.


Now, with thousands of powerful connections made worldwide and years of experience as his guide, Jamie offers this healing phenomenon to those who need it most; people searching for life direction and guidance, as well as those seeking answers and closure from family and friends that have passed.

With decades of experience and a lifetime working with his natural gifts, Jamie offers powerful and accurate validations of the spiritual dimensions around us. Jamie is the Host of the podcast, Psychic Evolution and Author of the Psychic Evolution Training Cards and Author of the children's book, "The Adventures of Roko and Tookee, The Kids From Mars." As a Spiritual Teacher Jamie shares how to integrate the natural psychic senses with the empowerment of spiritual knowledge to help create a more fulfilling life of love, happiness and success. 

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Why choose Jamie?

25 Years of Experience,
a Lifetime with a Gift

"For the past 25 years I have been able to completely focus on my abilities professionally, allowing me to be more refined and accurate to assist you".

Master Educator

"I am a spiritual educator, sharing my knowledge and experience to help others find their lifes path and to use their natural intuitive abilities to live a fuller and happier life".

I Care

"Being a person who has watched my family graduate life, has given me a sense of being able to relate and understand others in similar situations".

Scientific Medium

Jamie Clark is one of the few psychics that is always challenging himself but also testing his abilities for accuracy. Jamie participates in scientific studies with a team at the University of Arizona with Dr. Gary Schwartz. Jamie Clark is an Evidential Medium Advisor for the Soul Phone. The SoulPhone™ devices will someday allow you to visit with your “deceased” loved ones.  That may sound impossible or too good to be true. However definitive, replicated, and multicenter scientific experiments run in 2019 show it isn’t. For more information, please visit Jamie has also participated in studies at Duke University for the Parapsychology program. 

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Blue Skies

How Jamie's Mediumship Works

Triangulation of communication. Each of us is like a radio tuner. We have the ability to tune into many different channels. Before I read someone, I tune into our loved ones channel and send out an invitation of communication with you. Our souls are like finger prints in the way that each of us is unique. Our loved ones know our soul print, and by my invitation and their realization, they now create a triangle of communication. Me to them, them to you, and you to me. They know that I am “on” and are receptive and will sometimes come early to understand my rules and regulations and how most effectively to communicate. Now that we are all on the same channel, we work together as a team.

A Word from Jamie

"Basically, everything has an energy signature. At a sub-atomic level, everything is vibrating at it's own rate. I have developed the ability to understand the language of energy and interpret it for you. Life is pure energy, and all is connected in some way. Your thoughts are what create your reality around you. By what you think about and how you perceive your reality, that is what you will attract in your life. Life doesn't happen to us, it happens because of us. By feeling your energy, I am able to tell you what has happened, what is going on right now, and what is coming up for you based on the direction of where your thoughts are currently taking you. I seem to be extremely accurate with people connected to you, experiences and upcoming events.


Utilizing the connection of Oneness, the matrix life flow that connects us all, I am able to feel the energy's direction for the client and the people they are connected to. A few examples of questions answered would be "What does my boss think of me?" or "What is my husband feeling about the relationship?" A number of clients rely heavily upon the information that I receive from my Guides. They are extremely accurate. It's really great when what information I have given out comes to pass, and then the client is back for more!

Some of my clients hold positions from Executives of large companies, to people in Government positions, to people working on large multi-million dollar deals, to doctors, nurses and the like. I hear consistent feedback from people I have seen validating that the information they received was accurate and/or came true. It's always my pleasure to be of service to anyone seeking assistance. I look forward to speaking with you soon."

- Jamie Clark

Mission Statement

To Have Resolution, Closure and Grow Spiritually

It is always tough to move on without closure or resolution. It can be haunting not knowing how our loved ones that have graduated are doing and if they are happy. By getting some much needed INSIGHT we can UNDERSTAND and move FORWARD.


To Become Fearless

Being in control of your destination has an empowerment. Our mind has the ability to create a future good or bad. By having a read or attending one of Jamie's sessions, not only can you understand where you are headed but you can re-program your future..


Someone who Understands

"I began doing readings for people because I could sense the spirits' pressing need to communicate with us. I have seen the effect it has had on the loved ones they have left behind. After a reading, so many people are left with such an uplifted spirit that it is remarkable. It's a win-win situation. I experience a healing with each connection and I am thrilled every time it brings comfort and closure to those I have the privilege of helping." - Jamie Clark

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is a behavior and a feeling toward someone. Jamie has taught many the techniques of how to take action. Once you achieve unconditional love your world will change in wonderful ways.

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