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Let Jamie help guide you along the right path in your life!

Readings with Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark

Psychic Medium

As seen on America's Psychic Challenge in 2007

Evidential Medium Advisor for The SoulPhone™


...Through years of studying and a series of profound revelations, Jamie discovered that he had the gift of psychic intuition and could also communicate messages and feelings between people living and those who have left this physical plane of existence. In other words, he can communicate with those we have loved and lost. Now, with thousands of powerful connections made worldwide and years of experience as his guide, Jamie offers this healing phenomenon to those who need it most; people searching for life direction and guidance, as well as those seeking answers and closure from family and friends that have passed...

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Host of Psychic Evolution Podcast

Discover the Psychic potential within and learn how to empower yourself and manifest your Psychic and Mediumship abilities.

Your Psychic senses are so natural they are super-natural!!!
Join the Evolution and find your inner beauty to heal and your inner light to shine!

Utilizing the connection of Oneness, the matrix life flow that connects us all, I am able to feel the energy's direction for you and the people you are connected to.

Virtual Readings

for one person
For in person and all other booking options and other services, click here

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