Reprogram all those years of regimented-negative-brainwashing-beliefs that have manifested into unacceptable behavior. Think of how many times someone reeled off something negative about you over and over to you, and now you're starting to think that maybe they right all those years. "I mean look at my life, I truly do have a problem with blah, blah, blah etc" All because we listened to negative people telling us what to think and do? Do you see the power of those years of brainwashing have had on you? It is time to reverse that power back into a positive-nourishing-abundant-belief system that manifests a wonderful life. You deserve it, just like any other person that seems to have no problem getting what they want.

New Programming Audio* is a series of voice guided audio tracks with perfect tones of non-intrusive background music. Each title is specific and aims to replace negative beliefs into enriching positive beliefs. Every title has affirmations and visualizations blended in. Check out the library of titles that may help you on your way to being back in control of your life. Each audio track is approximately 3-4 minutes in program length. Mp3 friendly to most devices such as tablets, computers, smart phones, android, ipads, ipods or on CD(small extra fee for CD burn). We suggest listening to the programs with HEADPHONES or EAR BUDS to help tune out outside noises and to get the maximum result. It's easy, import the mp3 file into the music or audio folder of your device and find a comfortable spot. New Programming Audio* is also CUSTOMIZABLE to fit your particular life and behavior. Just ask Jamie about creating a custom one from scratch just for you.

Just listen to the track before retiring for the night and in the morning or whenever you have 5 minutes where you can. A minimum of twice per day.

How It Works

You likely have heard about the effects of what you think and say directly effecting your future. It's easier said than done to change what we think or say, especially if it has been imbedded into our minds, and our families minds. New Programming Audio* just made it easy. While in a relaxed state, our minds or more susceptible to suggestions. Regular diet of positive reinforcement begins to balance and then eventually replace the negative thought patterns, with more appropriate behavior. Thus producing a more abundant life.





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How to do it


After purchase, you will get an email with your audio file. Save the file to you computer or device. Then import the file into your device just like you would for any music file. Normally, devices and smart phones have instructions if you run into problems. If you prefer the audio file on CD, an additional $6.00 will be charged for media and Priority Mail shipping. Just remember to add the $6.00 to your cart when at PayPal.

When listening to the program, you will be asked to visualize certain things. It is best to imagine random (generic) people. When we say random, we mean not focusing on any individual, but a generic mouth, hands, smile etc.. This helps you stay detached from any one particular person or emotional trigger. If the eyes of random people tend to be difficult for you to imagine, try focusing on the random persons forehead. Your peripheral will see the eyes but in a non-intrusive manner.
Also note. Our culture has imposed a strange belief. The belief that we are not allowed, not good enough, or must be worthy of rewards or abundant things. To us, this is ridiculous. Successful people have no time to feel guilt, for they just move forward and enjoy their abundance. In order for the audio tracks to be effective, you must remove these "am I worthy", guilt-driven-ideals from you mind. Understand that you have chosen to think that way, and you can choose to think guilt-free. It is time to affirm that you deserve good things in your life. In time you will find it easier to visualize events.


* New Programming Audio* is more effective if you can feel EMOTION while visualizing. Think of a time when someone has given you great news or offered you a gift. Do you remember how you felt? That is the emotion we are talking about. For best results, use HEADPHONES or EAR BUDS to tune out distractions.



Anger is a normal human emotion but if it controls, or makes decisions for us, it can become destructive. The Anger Calm's focus, is to redirect that energy into a positive emotional response thus creating a positive and more constructive response. It also focuses on better ways to express the emotion into a more natural and acceptable manner. The calming side of the track relaxes and heals by mastering the emotional core areas.


Men can sense the dozens of emitting stress-producing hormones and neurotransmitters that do not impress. What signals are you putting out to men?. The Attracting Men title focuses on being conscious of what vibe you are giving off and communicating to men. Rejection fears usually block any chance of first meetings. The track redirects fear into confidence and control.


Surround yourself with positive people and enrich your life. The Attracting Positive People track focuses on you and how you are perceived by others. It sounds silly but do you smile on a regular basis? Shower yourself with positive emotions and see what wonderful opportunities come your way. The track also teaches the "invisible mirror" method designed by Jamie, which repels negativity but welcomes the positive people into your life.    


The focus of the Career track is to enjoy and or attract a new career. Are you invisible? or is your career invisible? Do you enjoy your career? Being noticed for the great job you do is not only rewarding but gives us the emotional nourishment we need to be a productive and a positive person. Attract the right opportunities, the right environment, that better suits you.


Effective communication builds many positive results. Trust, respect, creativity and the list goes on. The Communication track focuses on listening, body language and calming emotions. Replace old habits with new productive skills and watch the conversations excel!


It is a stormy life getting through a divorce. There is no question to the way you feel. There is light at the end of the tunnel for you. The Divorce track helps get you on track with your new wonderful life. It also teaches how to enjoy yourself without the help of others. It is time to move on!


By seeing the world as half-full we manifest a wonderful life. Remove old thoughts of doom with thoughts of delight and see your life shift. Glass Half Full, hits at the core of negative patterns and renews them with a much different way of looking at life.


Responsibilities are a part of life. Do you have too many? Stress over the little ones? Or do you have problems finishing what you start? The Handling Responsibilities track, breaks down the advancements into effortless steps of mastering responsibilities.


The focus of Learning Memory track is improving focus, improving retention and looking at lessons in a different light. Be the "teacher" of your subject.


Do you sometimes feel that you are unlucky? Being unlucky is merely a result of negative thought and behaviors. Replace and renew yourself with a "knowing" and get ready for abundance to follow. Become the person that people refer to as a "lucky person" by using the simple habits the pros use.   


The Managing Emotions track focuses on control and better choices of emotions by getting into the core triggers that change a mindset. Replace old uncontrolled emotions with complete control. Enjoy the wonderful emotions and drop the need for negative emotions.


The Money Track focuses on creative visualization and behavioral imagery. The Money track assists you and keeps you on track on effective visualizations that are easy and fun. Over time the old negative beliefs are replaced with positive beliefs that manifest into prosperous  patterns.


Holding onto the past can sometimes be toxic to our bodies. Be equipped with the tools necessary to move forward. Replace fear with fearless. Become excited over new challenges with confidence with the tools in this track.


Empower yourself with confidence. Overcome your fear of rejection and replace it with control of the room. The Shyness track builds up the needed confidence and how others "feel" you. Open the dormant social butterfly and enjoy!  


Ever feel like you are having a run of bad luck? Do you sometimes wonder why you seem to attract the things that you do not want? In this track, you be will enlightened and possess the positive "glow". With this new glow, positive and enriching opportunities then follow.

New Programming Audio* is a series of voice guided audio tracks with perfect tones of background music. Each title is specific and aims to replace negative beliefs into enriching positive beliefs. Every title has affirmations and visualizations blended in.  More tracks will be added as we are directed.


All CUSTOMIZED* audio requires a one on one 15 minute minimum read with Jamie. The read allows for accurate prescription to be created. Jamie is able to connect with your energy and identify problematic areas. From there, the script and audio tracks are created to fit your tags or negative behaviors in your life. The new CUSTOMIZED* audio is specific to you and your life. Built from ground up. If there is something that you would like to change in your life specifically, be sure to mention what it is that you would like added into the mix. If you have had a previous read from Jamie then you already qualify for the customized option. Each customized track is $100.






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